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One of my absolutely favorite things about Arizona is our storms. I am an Arizona native, born and raised. I may not have always wanted to live here, but I’ve always been proud to call Arizona home. I’ve moved away and come back twice now. It is definitely in my blood!

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If you have never been to Arizona, then you have never experienced our monsoons! These are storms unlike any other. We will have pockets of downpours and then other areas won’t get any rain at all, but we will get the monstrous clouds. And the dust storms! When I lived here 20 years ago we didn’t have the dust storms like we do now. They are just magnificent!


As many know, storms are a very rare sight here in Arizona. Rain is even more rare! So when the clouds came rolling in, I had to grab my camera and take Calamity out to the desert for some photos! She certainly didn’t mind.

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Maricopa Pet Photographer | Bring me your puppies!

Who doesn’t love puppies?! Look at this adorable little cutie. I can’t believe her eyes are open now and she’s crawling all over her sisters and brothers.


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This adorable little one belongs to one of my best friends. She was kind enough to bring her over for a couple photos. She was just so incredibly tiny, she fit into the palms of my daughter’s hands.

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I photograph all ages from newborn to senior. I would love to see more babies in my studio!

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All about the Pooch- Maricopa AZ Grooming Salon

Maricopa groomer


Jeanne and Meggan welcomed me into the shop as if I was an old friend and I immediately felt comfortable. It was more like a few girls getting together than an interview.

Maricopa Dog groomer

Mother/ daughter  team,  Jeanne Mulcahy and Meggan Murphy own All About the pooch.

dog grooming maricopa

They purchased the business a little over 3 years ago. Jeanne  has been grooming for 47 years. Meggan has been grooming since she was 9 years old. She was practically raised in a grooming shop.

Kelly, 17,  is their bather, and has been taken under their wing.

Jeanne  is originally from Chicago,  where she owned a grooming school.  She was burnt out from running the grooming school and wanted to open up a little shop and take it easy.  They also wanted to move  to get away from the cold.

She turned the school over to one of her sons when she moved here 8 years ago. Jeanne and Meghan worked at a salon in Scottsdale when they first moved here, but wanted to work closer to where they lived. They originally decided to move to Maricopa because Meghan’s husband has family here and they liked community.

Maricopa AZ grooming salon

In the beginning, they were looking for a way to fill up their slow days. They decided to make Monday a Senior discount day. It was so popular that they extended it to Tuesday as well. They also give discount to anyone in service positions military, veteran, police, first- responders, fire fighter! Now they stay quite busy throughout the week!



During the interview Meggan was grooming a chocolate cocker spaniel. A few pets came in and everyone was treated like they were long time friends. One pet was dropped off to be watched by Jeanne at her own home and was told she would probably be sleeping with her. They are not a boarding facility, but every now and then they will watch a small dog if it has been a long time client. They don’t like to see pets having to go stay in a kennel. Jeanne has dog beds all over her house and tile floors, so, she says, her place is very dog friendly.


Jeanne owns 6 dogs herself, all different breeds. Her oldest, that she brought with her from Chicago, are a 17 year old border collie and a 17 year old jack russel. She adopted her other four since moving here.  “ We were Only supposed to end up with one more, but you know how that goes!” said Jeanne.  They also have 2 cats and 3 horses between the 2 of them. They board the horses here locally and live here in town.

They do take a couple short vacations every year. Many times it’s to participate in horse shows. Last year Jeanne competed in a 6 day show at WestWorld!

They usually go out to the farm in the morning and ride before going into work. They ride western pleasure, ranch western, and trail. They have 2 half Arabian and a pure Arabian that they rescued from a hoarding situation. At age 7, he had never been ridden. He had lived in a box stall his whole life.


Meggan has been riding since she was 9, which, for a while, kept her away from boys and kept her out of trouble. Jeanne has been riding ever since she can remember. They typically stay to the southern part of Arizona for shows, because neither of them likes driving through the mountains. Let alone, pull a horse trailer through them. I’m right there with them!


maricopa arizona grooming salon

When asked: Why  grooming?  Jeanne replied, “I have no clue!”  She originally went to beauty school and found she really didn’t like it. So she thought, why not try grooming. She found a lady who was offering a 6 week grooming course, so she went. She got a job with a local groomer who continued to train her on the job. She says “it’s a real hard vocation to train. There is a lot of liability involved. You are teaching people how to work with dogs. Working with so many different personalities, (both dog and people) it is a very stressful business to learn. “


“To be a dog groomer you’ve gotta be here every day, because somebody’s gotta groom these dogs. You’ll have a lot of angry customers if you decide not to show up. A lot of angry coworkers and employees,  if you decide not to show up and leave them with all the dogs. That makes it more stressful for them, and then the dogs get stressed and they misbehave.” Said Meggan.


Jeanne stated, “This has been the least stressful job I’ve ever had.”  Meggan replied, “That’s because everything we do is by appointment only. In most grooming shops all dogs are dropped off in the early morning and it will be like an assembly line. You can have like 30 dogs and one will be washed, put in a cage under a fan and then the next one will be the same and they’ll all be in this cycle. They will be there between 4-6 hours. Then you’re cleaning up poop and pee and the dogs are stressing and barking. So our dogs come in at their appointment time and they go home about an hour later. It keeps everything very low key.”

Jeanne and Meggan used to do creative styling in grooming competitions.  “You dye the dogs and put designs on them. There was a theme. It was a lot of fun. The winner had their photo on the cover of their trade magazine, so it was a very big deal because the magazine goes to every groomer in the business, so you become quite famous for a little while.” Quoted Meggan.   They did competitions for many years. Meggan started when she was 12. She got second place in her first competition (against adults!) Competitions are held all over the country, so they used to travel a lot.


Meggan went to college for Philosophy! She likes to say, “I think big thoughts and groom little dogs.” She went to college to spread her wings to see what else was out there, but she decided to stay with grooming.


They wanted to share a couple great tips with all of you:

1) When asking for a puppy cut you need to specify the length. There are different looks at different ages for the same breed. Puppy cut means nothing, really. You will need to specify how old of puppy are you talking about? What length do you want? Just like with humans, a dog’s hair is unique to them. So someone else’s Pomeranian will look totally different than yours with the same cut. If you bring in a photo, it is best to bring one in of your own pet with the cut you want, if you’ve had it done before.


2) Also when coming in to get a haircut, try to be a specific as you can. Jeanne and Megan are great at asking as many questions as they can to get the exact look and cut you are wanting for your pet. So if you don’t know exactly how to explain what you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered!

“communication in grooming is the most difficult and important part.” Says Meggan.

In Arizona it’s very popular to shave your pet down due to our heat. Jeanne absolutely hates shaving. She would rather do the cute cuts or something even a little more creative. She gives all the shave downs to Meggan, who then added , “she does all the pretty stuff. That’s fine, I don’t mind. I’ll do all the shave downs.”

They even have customers who live up north in the summer and will make a special trip down here to have their dog groomed by them ad to come get all their own medical errands done!

“We get to know our customers real well. They come in and tell us everything. They’re here every 3 or 4 weeks,” stated Meggan.  One of their favorite dogs is Brandy a golden retriever who comes in carrying her leash and talks to them, going “A woo woo woo woo.”  Meggan taught her how to play dead one day, not realizing she didn’t already know how.  “I was just playing with her one day. The first day she was in here. I was like Brandy can you sit?  And she sat. Brandy down, and she laid down. Brandy sit. And she sat. Brandy bang! And she flopped down and rolled over like she was dead. I was like wow you’re awesome your parents spent a lot of time training you! I was telling her owner and she was like, she doesn’t do that trick!”


Jeanne laughed and said, “We’re really good at reinforcing bad behavior (not really!) Like when they smile at us! A lot of dogs, what they’ll do is open up their mouth and show us their teeth and it’ll be a smile, it’s actually a smile. So what you do is reinforce it and say “smile!” as they keep it up. When they get home the owners call us up and say our dog is doing something really strange for some reason. We’ll laugh and say oh, we taught them how to smile!”

Meggan: “We have a lot of fun!”

Jeanne:  “I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t love it!”


maricopa grooming shop

All About the Pooch is located at:

44301 W Maricopa-Casa Grande Hwy, Maricopa, AZ 85138

(520) 568-6939


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Maricopa Pet Photography | A long time coming

Call the Shots Pet photography has grown so much in the last 6 years. It has also been in 3 different states. I have toyed around with different logos, but it was high time to create something new that fit with my vision.

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I am super excited to present to you my new and improved logo. There are so many things coming in the future. I can’t wait to share them with you!


Of course I can’t leave you without any photos. I am falling head over heels in love with studio photography. My own furry friends are more than happy to model for me. I found some amazing Super stinky dog treats that both my cats and dogs LOVE.ahwatukee pet store

They are 100% natural, freeze dried, uncooked boar meat! I got them at a very new pet store in Ahwatukee, that just opened  this past January. You can purchase them HERE!






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Maricopa Photography | Wolfhounds

A Wolfhound certainly is a rare site in the US. Due to their large size, they are not a very popular breed. because of this many people do not know much about the dog and form their own opinions about them.

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Wolfhounds are usually seen in movies laying around castles or out on hunts with their masters. They were originally bred to be sight hounds. Because of this they may give chase to smaller animals. They won’t give chase long though, as they would rather be curled up on your sofa, or at your feet.

Chandler pet photographer

They are a loyal companion and wonderful family dog. Don’t let their size fool you! They are giant lovebugs and couch potatoes!

Grooming these big guys couldn’t be easier. They have a medium length rough coat that only needs periodic brushing.

I absolutely adore this breed. I willingly admit that though I love all dogs, I definitely prefer the larger breeds.

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Maricopa Pet Photography | Little Merle Mutt

Phoenix pet photography

Meet Kirk. What a unique little guy. Just look at that coloring! I have to admit I am a huge sucker for color. What’s even more unique is the specks of blue in his eyes.


Kirk is believed to be about a 1 year old chihuahua mix. he was found wandering around Maricopa. Pet Social worker tried very hard to find his original owners, but no one came forward. He is neutered and up to date on all his vaccines. He is a super sweet guy. His favorite pastime is cuddling with you on the couch. He loves to follow you around. He loves children and other dogs. He hasn’t been tested around cats, though we think he should do pretty well as he’s such an easy going guy.

Phoenix pet portraitsPhoenix pet photography

Silly boy kept trying to eat his bowtie!

Kirk is a super smart guy. He is a little shy, but warms up to people pretty quickly. Especially if you sit down next to him! I say he’s smart because he figured us out as soon as we got him in front of the camera. He is very food motivated, but he did everything he could to keep his butt to the camera. It was so funny! You can see here that he is definitely a little character.


He would do well with some positive training (meaning lots of yummy treats!) He is super food motivated. Oh, did I say that already?! He doesn’t know his commands yet, but with how smart he is, I’ll bet he would know “sit” in just a few minutes of work! He also should get lots of supervised human socialization to help him out of his shy bubble. (again this means lots of yummy treats!)

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If you would like more information on how to adopt this sweet boy, go to

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Maricopa Photography | Scruffy little terriers

Just imagine 4 scruffy little terriers scampering around your backyard. Tails wagging, noses to the ground. My house was full of these little boys tonight! What fun! Their mamma is the sweetest little dog you will ever meet. These are by far the most unique little dogs I have ever laid eyes on. They were found as strays just outside of Maricopa Arizona. How anyone would want to abandon such a sweet little dog I will never understand. The Pet Social Worker and Tails of Hope Rescue took them in not too long ago. One of their wonderful foster parents saw a local boy trying to shoot Mamma with a BB gun!


Take a look at these cuties!

“Cuddles” just loves to be in your lap and give you endless kisses.

pet photography phoenix

“Felix” is all puppy. He loves to be with people giving you lots of kisses and climbing all over you. He definitely has some spunk to him!

phoenix adoptable puppy

“Bubba” This guy is just a super laid back little man. I foresee him being a future couch potato!

phoenix pet photography

“Skittles” is my personal favorite. He is a little timid, but super sweet and laid back. He is also the tallest of all the puppies.

Maricopa pet adoption


“Mamma” is a cute little terrier mix. She has very nice manners. She sat so nicely for us. She is quite laid back and loves her puppies. She definitely is a unique little dog with her scruffy soft fur and short little legs!

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If you are interested in adopting any of these pups, you can find out how to do so at

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